The UCA Epsom Feminist Society recognises that women are exploited within society and it becomes clear that they have shared interests in opposing the patriarchal structures that serve to maintain the current social norm. It follows that the main difference within our society is gender.

Therefore it is important to focus upon 'women issues' and a wide debate on equality, challenging sexism and the received ideas about gender, race and age.

The UCA EFS is a place that welcomes people with the shared interests in feminist thought, a way of meeting new friends with shared interests. We will hold weekly informal discussions and hold regular social events and talks that feed into the wider Feminist movement. We are an inclusive society, everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, religion etc.

During each month/term we want to run different activities from hosting seminars/guest speakers, to documentaries/films or even a book club to help further educate ourselves into better understanding what feminism is now in the past, present and future. We also want to run social events on campus and outside university from pub quizzes to live gigs.

The membership fee is £5 for the whole year.


Visit our Facebook group to find out what we are up to!



Chairwoman - Mila Nixon

Secretary - Mariam Adki

Treasurer - Zoe Chan