Welcome to UCA Martial Arts Club


My name is Jake and I am your Instructor or Sensei (if you wish to be formal). Before coming to Farnham from Jersey I practised Aikido for 5 years and am now able to start my own club here at UCA and invite you to join me.


What is Aikido?

Aikido was founded by Morihei Ueshiba (O’Sensei) in the 1930’s. Aikido is most often translated as “The Way of Spiritual Harmony”.

O’Sensei believed that Aikido was a force for good and that this new martial way was created to bring peace to the world. This means that the techniques you will learn are all designed to bring conflicts to a stop before they actually start. I.e. You will bring peace to yourself and your opponent without harming yourself or your opponent either.

The Techniques

There are only 4 basic principle techniques in Aikido  these are:

  1. Ikkyo
  2. Nikyo
  3. Sankyo
  4. Yonkyo

Each one refers to a basic principle of techniques which can be locks or pins or throws. As you learn with me you will discover how each of these vary and can be used in a numerous amount of ways.

You will learn not to rely on your strength but on techniques that use the movement of your entire body to subdue your opponent.

You’ll learn how to stand, how to kneel, how to move your feet, how to move from attacks, how to safely control your opponents and yourself in combat, how to land safely from throws and falls and I’ll show you how to hold opponents down without strength.

You’ll learn how to evade multiple opponents and how to keep control of such circumstances.

When and Where?

We train on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:45pm-7:15pm in the Dance Floor area of the Canteen.

Sounds awesome but…I’ve never done Aikido or martial arts

No Problem you’ll be most welcome. There was a time when I’d never done it too, I know exactly how you feel and I will assist you with everything you need to know.

Gradings and belts

Gradings will be done by an external examiner of my choosing. The grades run as follows.


6th Kyu

5th Kyu

4th Kyu

3rd Kyu

2nd Kyu

1st Kyu

Senior Grades

1st Dan

2nd Dan

3rd Dan

4th Dan

Please note although you will progress through the Junior grades you will hold a white belt until you reach 1st Kyu when you will hold a brown belt. Once you gain black belt you will stay that but your degree will increase. You should be advised that it will take at least 5-6 years to gain black belt.

What do I wear?

You will only need to where comfortable loose clothes to start with (tracksuit bottoms and T-shirt/ sport top etc)

Should you wish to continue and progress it would be advisable to obtain a Gi and white belt. A Hakama is an optional extra though if you intend to progress seriously this is a worthwhile investment.

Safety First

Please do not try this without supervision or with someone who is untrained. The techniques originate from the ancient Samurai arts and are originally designed to help you defend yourself should you lose your sword in battle. To someone who is not trained you could break a lot of bones very easily

Membership Fee

£25 for the year.


Please remember what happens in a Dojo is not a reflection of what happens on the street.


You contact me in the following ways.

E-mail. [email protected]

Phone: 07542804785