POKEMON SOCIETY: Poké-emporium.



Here at Poké-emporium your talent as a Pokémon trainer can be shown to your peers by battling them! Prove your might and take on the Pokémon world! Earn official Pokémon points and gain access to the regionals, nationals, internationals and even the world championship!

Every tournament is official and is hosted by a professional Pokémon professor! No worries, if you lose you don’t lose points and you can try as many times as you would like!

It’s not all about being the best though, spin-off games, retro tournaments and special leagues will be held, these are unofficial and are simply fun games to play with friends and rivals!

New to the world of Pokémon? No worries! Talk to one of our experts and you too can learn the tips and tricks of the trade and become a force to be reckoned with!

Don’t have a 3DS? Or a Pokémon Game? Not a problem! Spare 3DS’ and game cartridges are available for people to use, select a team of 6 from a collection of pre-trained Pokémon and jump straight in! No need to grind! Perfect if you just want to see what it’s all about or don’t have time to train!

Want to help out? Want to become a professor? Great! Talk to one of our professors and join us as a volunteer “Professors Aid” and learn what it means to be a Pokémon professor! When you think you are ready take the official test and see if you too can become a professor: VGC Judge, Organiser or TCG Judge!

We pride ourselves on having an electric atmosphere full of fun! No electrodes here though so don’t go Exploding if you are having a losing streak! If you are having a problem or fear someone is cheating then please talk to a professor, they are trained to deal with these situations!

Prises are given out to the top 3 competitors in every official tournament! Ranging from trophies, medals, TCG booster packs, 3DS Accessories and plushies!


We hope to see you there!