Christian Union


UCA Rochester Christian Union



The purposes of the Christian Union is to allow Christian's to gather together weekly to learn about the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ by partaking in praise and worship and bible study . In addition, we will invite non-Christian's to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This society will give all students the opportunity to gain an understanding in what the Christian faith is, who the trinity is and their roles: The Father-God, Son-Jesus and the Holy Spirit and to build a relationship with God.

Our bible studies will relate directly to our courses, social lives and work, to give those participating a fresh hope for the week and to show how the bible is still relevant today and in the creative industry.
We hope to bring in speakers who can lead our bible study as well as learning from anointed preachers online. In addition, we will put onlevents to allow all students to hear about our society.


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