As the name suggests we are a club dedicated to the sport of running. We welcome all students to join us, no matter your ability, as long as you have drive and desire to improve and become better.

Health is the single most important thing in one's life and exercise is beneficial to both your physical and mental health. Running will improve your cardiovascular fitness, making you feel better and you might be lucky enough to get a runner’s high - a rush of feel good hormones after some hard work. On top of that you will have great support from peers working together as a team while making new friends, in addition to getting fitter and there will no expensive gym membership. With persistence you will see your stamina and distance improve as well as strengthening your muscles and bones.  Start working on your ever-summer body now by joining us.

We will meet every Tuesday morning at 7am, however if there is demand we are flexible to changing the day or meeting for sessions more than once a week, therefore members can come to the day that suits them.